Clear, simple, professional design

— Portfolio of Travis Morrison, Graphic Designer & Brand Buddy.

I help brands succeed by delivering clear, considered, and effective design.

👋 Hi there! I keep a small, active client base preferring strong, long-term, and trusting relationships. Generally I'm providing a one-stop-shop design service, handling whatever design needs the client may have.

Brands and agencies of all shapes and sizes are welcome, but if you're into education, the greater good, or space, I'm especially interested. If you think we might be a good fit, reach out via and say hello!

Previous Relationships

I've been a full-time freelance Graphic Designer since 2012. I've had the pleasure of working with big brands, small brands, start-ups, marketing firms, design agencies, and anything in between.

A few brands I've worked: Coca-Cola, Cuties oranges, Mighties, Bodies / Titanic, MGM Resorts, Discovery Children's Museum, Califia Farms, Nestlé, BASE Entertainment, Design Marbles Agency, and Kirvin Doak Communications.


You can reach me at